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A name like Emmanuel France is very colossal in our movie space, A man who has seen it all from writing to directing to production across Africa. A very astute and intelligent actor who has graced us with roles from A-Z in countless movies and most importantly acquired honors in his line of job. Knowing Emmanuel France was casted on Kukesi brought up high will and zeal among movie people to be part of such an epic experience.

If you consider Emmanuel France playing the lead role in a movie then questions would begin popping up on who some of the other casts are, now start screaming because Kukesi casts also include our super light skin amazing talent Vicky Zugah, how about the sweet voiced and ever charming Nana Agyare?, wait! Lemme not exclude Master Paul Wilson, Pardon me to add the fast growing talent Ben Affat, Stacy D’Mawuse just got it all mehnnn!, what about Abena Kyei Boakye?, I nearly forgot Lydia Ayiku the charming Lady and an exclusive introduction of ‘OD4 mini wu be si  dan’ now called Mavluz and known in real life as Henry Agyei Gyamerah.

With this few names shared, I feel strongly anyone who misses Kukesi does that at their own risk because I told you so is just a painful report. Kindly follow go get tickets and join the fun and excitement at the global cinemas on 3rd November 2018 7pm & 9pm Sharp. Call the number in the flyer below for ticket reservations.

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