Pizarea Ceo Now A Columnist on Business & financial times Newspaper

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The CEO of pizarea.com (the biggest online food ordering company in Africa – A Ghanaian Tech Start up) and CEO of Ghanaian underground music has partnered with B&FT
to publish article regarding Leveraging Technology in the growth of Ghanaian businesses

Henry Ameleke column called Tech business
Seeks to sensitize SME’s and corporate businesses on the use of technology to carry their businesses to the next level thus empowering these businesses to become global brands

The CEO is currently working with his genius and refined programmers to come up with innnovative technology mediums
that can serve as a platform to push the contents of unheard artists to the next level. His vision is to blend technology and music to get the unheard artist to become global household names

Watch out for his column which is published on every Thursday in B&FT. read and enlighten yourself and also share the word

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