The Movie “Kukesi” To Potray Africa’s Heritage To The World.

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16th October 2018 an African Ghanaian Movie titled KUKESI was born.



What type of movies do we see now when we turn on our television sets?

For some time now Ghanaians have had the interest in watching foreign movies such like the Kumkum Bagya,Gangaa and the others.What could be the problem?

Research has proven that the number of foreigners who come to study creative art here in Ghana is even greater than the number of Ghanaians who study that course.This simply tells us that we have something that this foreigners lack in their movie industries.

Most Ghanaians keep saying our movie industry is dying but the problem is that the world does not want to buy a photocopy of itself but the original which being our culture and heritage.

We therefore as Ghanaians have to showcase our African values pictorially such as our naming ceremonies,marriages,burial ceremonies and our daily activities through films.

The movie Kukesi which depicts the name of a demigod whose prowess is known throughout the land is the only mortal who has a table before the immortals is an epic movie which is made to take the audience’s mind back to the Africa’s heritage.

The movie brings to bare,the urgent need to embrace our morals and traditions as a means of strengthening the country’s fabric as well as portraying a more positive image globally.

The movie Kukesi parades a host of actors like,Stacy D,Lydia Ayiku,Nana Yaa Asantewaa,Ben Affat,Vicky Zugar,Veteran actor Emmanuel France who played the lead role and a lot was directed and produced by Mr Lucky Evergreen Ehraze of Ehraze Films Production.

The movie Kukesi premieres at the Global Cinemas in weija on the 3rd November,2018.




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