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Bishop Agbey Jnr Of Radio1 Fm Condemns The Comment Of Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko


The award winning broadcaster Bishop Agbey Jnr, host of Ayekoo Drive on Radio1 FM in the eastern region didn’t hesitate to voice out his displeasure over a Facebook post made by a state-man  Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko concerning our creative art industry.

”Our creative art industry have been in a very hibernated status due to lack of support and funding by authorities who run those institutions, it would be very necessary for Gabby to suggest policies to the president on how the industry can be improved to attract more players in order to help develop people and boost the economy instaed of sampling random movies to condemn on his social media wall like he did. Such acts only calls for tension and cant develop the industry, neither can it improve the industry where funding is very less and players strive to gather logistics to produce the best” Bishop Agbey Said.

He added that, Gabby comparing Ghana to America is a no go zone, because the resources the american government invest into their creative arts is very key to their success story, a fete Ghana has never achieved since dr Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown. Gabby  must begin to rethink about making such posts to discourage our craetive arts players but rather suggest strategies, policies and recommendations which can assist in making our creative art industry a force to reckon with around the world if possible.

Bishop Agbey Jnr is not the only media person or public figure voicing out such displeasure on the matter, actress Yvonne Nelson and actor Adjetey Annan are among the few to also voice out their opinions on the issue which has got lots of Ghanaians wondering if Gabby really know the reality of the sector he is attacking and comparing to the US. Kindly find below an image of his post which has led to this issue being discussed.


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