Paracetamol Is The Only Drug I Do. – Efya

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Silky voiced and award winning Ghanaian musician Efya On rainbow radio’s mid-morning show hosted by the delectable Sokoo Hemaa reveals that the only drug she does is paracetamol and not what people have been talking about over the years.

Efya, when asked the question about rumors that she is into drugs responded by saying ‘’I have had migraine since I was 12 years and I do take paracetamol so that is the only drug I do. I don’t care about people saying I do drugs. I don’t care anymore because I know who I am she reiterated.

‘’You can’t stop my greatness. I have been doing this for 8years and you think you can stop me? Amazing, I am one of the best performers Ghana has ever seen. Nothing you can do or say can stop me, she tells rumor peddlers

Stop saying I do drugs.

Are you not bored with the same old story, she ask critics.

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