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The dream of every musician or recording artiste is to get a very popular song that would hit across the Nation and probably cross our boarders into neighboring countries and most importantly a worldwide Hit song.
Well this is a fete that many artistes have achieved some others are on course, whiles majority are also struggling to even find a strategy that would make them get a neighborhood hit just around their localities.

Its not surprising to me that there are lots of artistes who are yet to get a single hit because many just don’t learn but keep deceiving themselves that their talents can one day get them the hits together with prayers. But I call this thinking a falasy meaning you don’t want to work but need miracles to hit, Very Funny!

Now let’s analyse this from the strategy perspective. As a talented artiste there is a need to build a team that have the Will and passion to support your career. Then think together to strategize on how go build a brand worth marketing because this is how your talent would be noticed.

The Humility Approach, this is when you associate yourself with people who have or are excelling in your area of interest. Learn, study , observe and practice how they do things so that at the appropriate time you can build yourself a mouth watering brand that would be respected by many music lovers.

Both approaches demands discipline and hard work, just don’t think because you are the one with talent, you can be carrying yourself on top of everyone just because you can one day become the star, what if you never get that hit?

Or you get a lucky hit that you can never repeat? That day would just be your day of the Fool’s Hit;

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