Fantasy Dome is not a good place for an artist like Shatta Wale to perform.- Elvisson Kofi Komfanko

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A loyal Shatta Movement fan Elvisson Kofi Komfanko on his Facebook timeline on 14th October 2018 stated;

Shatta Wale should Never and Ever organize a show at the Fantasy Dome again.. Yesterday was very bad more than dangerous.

Auditorium fully packed, thousands outside hitting to enter, security is at risk, so Security personnels treating human beings like animals. Despite the fun and enjoyment.

This show is my worst Shatta show treatment I have ever had. Fantasy dome is not a good place for artist like Shatta Wale to perform. I think cooperate shows or award shows is better there.

Ventilation is very bad Asthmatic patients could easily die.

Even if Shatta Wale go to a dinner at that place i will never step a foot there.. In all he wanted to set a record but nearly messed it up..

#KofiChampion #TheReignAlbum #SlayKing #Historymade

Source: Elvisson Kofi Komfanko

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