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What’s new in the Ghana movie industry?

Well, i cant seem to recall the last time any Ghanaian produced movie made a buzz in recent times like it used to be three to five years back when Venus Films and Sparrow productions were among the few known best film makers in the country. Way back i could remember Miracle films being the hallmark of all Ghanaian movies with highly standard stories and concepts that glued most of us to our seats just to catch some great Ghanaian movies that gave us very tight competition with some Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood productions, i wont mind watching a Miracle produced film over any Hollywood production because i knew exactly the excitement and education i would gain alas.

Barely 15 years ago our industry were flooded with comical and lots of superstitious Nollywood productions which ended up killing some aspects of our local contents until arrangements were made to create partnerships that saw Ghanaian film makers team with some Nigerian film makers to produce some few masterpieces that brought back some light into our creativity in film making and equally built the capacity of some Ghanaian actors like Van Vicker, Majid Michel, Nadia Buari , Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson and some other great names. this moments where the moments we felt some real stars were around to rub shoulders with any other actor from any movie industry from anywhere in the world, but the question still remained did Ghana have a film industry?

Ghallywood was a given name, however it was created, i have no idea but it sounded very cool to me until a moment came where akan spoken movies became popular from the Ashanti region areas which saw the emergence of great concert party actors such as Agya Koo, Akwasi Buadi Akrobetu , Kyeiwaa , Mercy Asiedu, Bill Asamoah, Emelia Brobbey and Kojo Nkasah lil win takeover in a very strong manner which also added some stiff competition among our local producers. well this also lasted for a while until recent times where Television have lost interest in using their medium to provide marketing for movie contents but being used ass a medium for foreign contents and advertising, which has seen the common phenomenon of telenovelas from southern america and asia are being translated into twi to compete some locally created films in our country.

The Effect Of twi translated telenovelas in our movie

Very negative, this is obvious because there is suspense and the contents are already available for purchase, so the television stations have the luxury of ensuring these contents are are available all the time for people to view and stick to the suspense for the entire period that it would last on the screens which has caused the sale of CD and has really affected the patronage of our local movies forcing producers to move into the cinema approach, where new movies are  premiered exclusively in cinemas to try and raise some funds for all budgets and monies invested into the production and marketing of the movies.

Movie Distribution stores are being converted to commercial trading stores and mobile money ventures living just few people dealing in movie distribution. Attempts are being made to use online platforms like Netflix and now Zylofon view to try raise some revenue for film makers but our structures are not well in place to match up with such technologies and developments living us doings things in sixes and sevens.

Lemme Conclude by asking these questions:

Is it that our producers , actors and directors lack logistics and the talent to create standard films which can rub shoulders with other international production? or Our creative art ministry and authorities lack the human resource , leadership to drive our movie and film industry to be among the most lucrative ventures in our country?

I just wish the most recent and the most anticipated movie Kukesi, which is produced by Erhaze Films would have the right story, concept, technology and picture to take us of our current situation into a much more exposed and buzzing moment of zeal, passion and excitement for local movie again, considering the cast, marketing and the brains behind the production. The press launch is on Tuesday 16th October 2018 at golden tulip and the Movies would be premiered at the global cinema in weija on the 3rd November 2018 times 7pm and 9pm

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