My biggest promo challenge is the success of Kukesi movie – Mixtic RomRas

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Mixtic RomRas who always make highlights in the Ghanaian showbiz industry has put it across on his facebook page concerning his biggest promo challenge which has to do with a Ghanaian movie titled Kukesi.

He talks about the newly adventurous movie kukesi which is about to be premiered on the 3rd of November 2018 at the Global Cinema,Weija.

He lamented on how we have talents in the movie industry but we don’t cherish it but patronise foreign movies;He stated “A Ghanaian who would download and watch a camera version of Black panther with 35 cedis data but can’t pay 30cedis to watch live fresh premier of Kukesi at global cinema on 3rd November is more wicked than Sark (Advice) to Shatta wale”.

It’s a big blow to the Ghanaian Movie Industry when other countries like Nigeria and Benin patronise their own movies.

Lets join forces to support and show love to grow the Ghanaian movie industry as Mixtic RomRas has embarked on this initiative.

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