Ghanaian Movie Industry Needs A Distribution Company To Slove It’s Ailing Problem : Ghanaian-UK Based Director Advices

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Director Jaguar, Ghanaian-UK based movie director and producer have given his advice to how we can revive the lost taste in the movie industry.

On KubiLiveChat, Ghana’s number one online chat Jaguar was asked if he thinks if Ghana had movie directors and producers like Nigerian one would the movie industry be better, and according to him, he doesn’t think so as the ailing industry isn’t because of our movie industry.

According to him, we need a distribution company to who will help in getting our well-produced movies into other countries as well and not only circulating in the Ghanaian market.

This us what director Jaguar actually had to say; First of all we need to think of other markets outside Ghana.

We shouldn’t be content in Ghana but we should try and link up other African countries and sell to them.

We also need to push for film festivals. Of course relevant ones. Big distribution companies come to festivals looking for movies to distribute.

Going international means we should produce quality films with good strong lines in other to meet the standards our there.

Mr. Jaguar an award-winning International director has produced movies such as Adinkra, A New Sun, The World Cup Is Missing, Grilled, Circles, Bridge and more have been nominated as the best director in the ZAFAA awards, C HUB awards and the CAFAA awards.

Source: KubiLive

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