Level 100 students of the University of education are in total dismay

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The level 100s in UEW are confused due to certain problems they are facing with the Technical department.

After gaining admission into the teacher training institution the level 100s were asked to pay their admission fees in the following banks Zenith, NIB, GCB, ADB to mention but a few using the transflow to get an index number immediately after payment.

Some students paid in banks that was closer to them such as Zenith bank but haven’t received their index number and this is creating panic and frustration in the level 100s because some of them paid their admission fees as early as June but still haven’t received it.

The school’s administration is actually saying they can’t do anything about the problem since the index number is generated automatically when your admission fee hit the schools account.

The fresher’s have spent 4weeks now on campus without index numbers and due to this they cant register their courses , this people don’t even know whether the index numbers will be generated before they start writing their exams or not.

This problem is making learning difficult because the university system deals with index numbers and identify each student with this number so without it is more or less like you ain’t a member of the institution

We hope the school’s authority will resolve this problem as early as possible in order to bring stability and peace of mind in the freshers.

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