Facebook Group “Inna Real Life” Recognised By Ghanaians

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KobbyGossips took turns to visit Facebook entertainment groups to know what’s going on in the various groups and went out to have a chat with some citizens we came across on the streets of Accra and Kumasi.

It was very successful and we realised there were lotsome of groups on Facebook which belongs to the youths of Ghana.

Inna Real Life where you can find most of our Ghanaian youths and even parents was ranked on top by some citizens of the country on our normal “street interview”.

Other names they gave out was, Disturb Yard, Hype Hood Stars etc.

When randomly asked why they join these groups and they gave answers like;

*It’s a platform to meet new friends and you can even meet your life partner in there 😕

*It’s fun being there because of the jokes being posted and sometimes educative topics are brought out to discuss.

*They help promote the uncoming artists.

*They support members financially when it matters.

We want to congratulate CEO David Deuces Wallace and all executives of Inna Real Life for emerging on the top when we went out to ask individuals which Facebook group they love based on what it impacts on them.

If you think your group was supposed to be replaced with their views kindly protest by sending a mail to

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