Shocking😱! Queen Haizel Sheds Off Some pounds..Check Her Before And After Now

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Mercedes Haizel Cobbina the sexy fleshy fast rising songstress who is popularly known in showbiz as Queen Haizel was spotted in a recent picture on Facebook which some of her fans were in doubt if she’s really the one.

We took time to read comments under her post and most of her fans which she calls “Spiritans” were so happy and congratulated her for loosing such amount of weight.

Others were proud of her for listening to their advice hence working out to keep her sexy body in shape.The fun went on with some funny comments under the post.

She promised here Spiritans she’s always going to work with them side by side,take every advice from them and she’s going to make them proud.

The ekye hit maker is set to release a video for a single she released some months ago this year which she titles “tooli“.

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