My Green Hair Is The Secret Fuel To My Success In Music- Queen Haizel

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For sometime now Ghanaians have been questioning sexy damsel Queen Haizel the (ekye,barricade,bravo and tooli) hitmaker why she’s always seen with a green hair.Others have started reading meanings into this green hair she’s been seen with saying it might have something related to spirituality whiles others are saying it might be part of her brand or apparently no money to get a different one.

On her Facebook timeline on 18th September 2018 she took time to explain to her followers why she always have the green hair.

She wrote;Okey So For Those Of u Asking Abt My Green Hair all The Time … Lemme Tell u D Little Secret…My Longevity And Success Depends On My “Signature Green Hair”. Which is D First part of My Brand Meaning all Shades Of Green is Necessary ❤️… Now this Is D Secret 👇🏽

In 2016, I went In A Trance(Sort of a Dream) whereby a Little Boy whom I helped cross a River In my Dream Came Back With a Green Leaf 🍃 To Thank Me asked me to Squat and as I did He Had Diz To Say” What is Inside Diz Head is Made wid Magic and What will come out of ur Mouth will Blow People’s Minds Away and Make u Really Great. It Will Give u A Long Span Musically But Dnt Forget To Water It EveryDay.
I cldnt See His Legs But His Presence Was Vivid.He Held Me Up only To See An Old Woman Smiling With Tears To Me And Said Take Diz Green Leaf 🍃 … It is Ur Power! Den She Varnished 😢…

So 2 Me,Green On my Head Is Everything.Thus Green Hair Is Queen Hair😍❤️👌🏽 Queen Haizel Wan

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