Nothing in this world is for free not even sex.Juliet Ibrahim reveals

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Actress cum songstress Juliet Ibrahim has all the attention on a video she shared on her Instagram page with the caption, “Nothing in this world is for free”.

Juliet Ibrahim posted a video of a Nollywood movie where the mother was advising the daughter to go back to a man she slept with for money because, in this hard economy, nothing is for free.

In the video, the woman said to her daughter:

“You slept with a man for free in these hard times, get up right now, go back to his house and tell him to pay you. Tell him nothing in this world is for free ”
Is this the advice Juliet Ibrahim is giving to the youth now?

The video she posted on her instagram page has brought about different reactions from Ghanaians as some section read different meaning to taking money or being paid after having a good time with your partner .

Her post has given different reactions but many of her followers are condemning her for starting a campaign which our society don’t accept.

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