I held her waist to dance borborbor k3k3

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One devoted media personality who promotes unheard artistes Mixtic RomRos, a presenter on Gentleman radio has come out to clear the doubt of flirting with singer Celly Chordz after her interview today. Mixtic RomRos was seen in a picture holding the waist of singer Celly Chordz and it circulated in a news by KobbyGossips that the presenter was flirting with the singer but surprisingly, the presenter came out to clear the mind of fans that they were dancing borborbor for fun in his current post, on Facebook saying ”I never press Celly Chordz buttocks. I held her waist to dance borborbor” How true is this?
We expect a tangible reason Mixtic RomRos.
Fans tells him.

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